Formulation Benefits

Immulink MBG has versatile utilities and is perfect for the manufacturers, as it can be incorporated into an array of trendy products including natural energy beverages, soy-based products, organic snack bars, whole grain and gluten free foods.  Benefits include:


  • A perfect candidate to incorporate the benefits of mushrooms into foods and beverages
  • A highly purified form of beta glucan soluble to water
  • Can be applied to many applications with minimal formulation efforts
  • Has minimal added flavor, taste or color
  • Improves textures and retains moistures of baked goods and cooked vegetables
  • Retains moistures of marinated meats
  • Contributes minimal viscosity to the existing formulation
  • Enriches the positive organoleptic attributes of high-protein products.
  • Acid/alkaline and heat/freeze/thaw stable, maintaining the beta glucan content under harsh manufacturing conditions such aspasteurization and sterilization.
  • Pasteurization and sterilization stable