Why Choose Beta Glucan from Mushrooms?

For 25 years, our scientists developed unique processes to extract and preserve the beneficial ingredients from the medicinal mushrooms. Our breakthrough, proprietary knowledge includes research ahead of the industry such as,

1.  Structural advantage:  Based on the linkage analysis performed at the University of Georgia, Carbohydrate laboratory, Super Beta Glucan’s Beta Glucan consist at least 27 branches, which renders its binding site more available than the conventional Beta Glucan configuration

2. Unique mushroom beneficial constituent:  Mushrooms contain naturally occurring proteins (lectin), which is validated by research to provide additional support to the immune system.  This additional feature renders the mushroom extracts more versatile and outperform those beta glucan from other sources.

3. Special purification process: The cell walls of the fungi are a glucose shell coated with an outer layer of manno-proteins. If the beta glucan is not sufficiently purified, with the manno-protein, plasma membrane and fibrillar layer (the outermost layer of the fungal cell wall) intact and not removed, then the inner  beta glucan layer is not exposed. In other words, it will not be recognized by the  beta glucan receptors on the macrophage. Most manufacturers lack the capability to perform this essential task in order to produce quality beta glucan products.

4. Micronization to allow better absorption:  We have micronized the surface area so that more configuration surface will be available for activating macrophage. The configuration, correct chain length molecule, highly purified form and the micronization of Mushroom beta glucan is what makes our ingredients to be unique and different.

6.  Molecular weight matters! We have researched the different molecular weights of Beta-Glucan to activate the immune cells to reach maximum potential. Different mushroom beta glucan affects human immune cells on different levels to various degrees, and only multi-mushroom complexes are able to effectively achieve the most ideal results.

7. University-tested results:  Laboratory testing performed at the University of Louisville in Kentucky and National Taiwan University have shown that our polysaccharide (whether taken orally or injection) can double the phagocytic capacity, thus improves the body’s innate immunity more effectively.

8. Mushroom cultivation is also our specialty!  SBG’s special “Organic Incubation Cultivation” guarantees the cleanest high quality medicinal mushroom utilized to extract bioavailable ingredients.

9. Bioavailable compounds from both Mycelia SBG manages mushroom cultivation organically with mycelia and fruit-body harvested ay the precise maturity level needed to ensure maximum bioavailable compounds and potency of the beta glucan contents.

Most importantly,  our product applications have increased exponentially breakthrough research enabling mushroom Beta Glucan products to surpass traditional limitations. We understand the unique biological characteristics of various mushrooms and their respective applications. We produce beneficial substances targeted for humans without producing excess waste products.