Founded in California in 1994, SBG is a U.S.-based biotechnology company that conducts research and development in Immulink MBG, a one of a kind mushroom beta glucan ingredient that mobilize components of the immune system through a scientifically mode of action. Throughout history, medicinal and edible mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine and recently in modern clinical research. Immulink MBG is a water soluble form of mushroom beta glucan that has been extracted and purified from G. lucidum, a reputable medicinal mushroom which activates the immune cells that are responsible for the body’s natural defense without excessively stimulating the immune system. It is all natural and has been proven to support the immune health by integrating to the daily consumables such as food, beverages and dietary supplements. By supporting natural immune wellness, Immulink MBG gives consumers more control of their health from the harmful exposures that the human body is constantly facing, such as stress and strains. 

  • The manufacturing technology is protected by U.S. patents and patent-pendings along with other international patents in several other key countries including Japan, China, and EU.  
  • Immulink is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) under United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA)’s regulation. It is also certified non-allergenic, GMO-free, and Halal. 
  • Immulink is water soluble, pH/heat stable and can be compatible with any manufacturing system. 
  • Immulink is currently the top researched ingredient on the market. The applications are supported by the results from clinical trials.
  • Immulink is a natural polysaccharide that supports the natural immune response.
  • Immulink is safe for daily and yearly consumption. This has been demonstrated in the extensive toxicology profile established from decades of studies. 
  • Immulink can be available in soluble and dispersible forms that can be integrated with many types of foods and beverages. Under heat and various pH conditions, Immulink is shown to remain stable.