Adopting the highest standard of manufacturing, all manufacturing facilities for immulink MBG are cGMP compliant under U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.  To accommodate popular demands from manufacturers, immulink MBG is certified as HALAL, audited annually by IFANCA.

There are three essential protocols to follow during our manufacturing process.

1. All raw materials are sourced in America, including the G. lucidum productions which take place domestically in our state-of-the-art facility.

2. Extraction and Purification are performed to guarantee potency, purity, and water solubility.  In addition, as a result of our proprietary purification, immulink MBG is naturally soluble to water and a chemical process is NOT required to render the beta glucan soluble.

3. To ensure the highest quality of our products, SBG adheres to all global standards by mandating all products must through a stringent Quality Assurance process which outlined how our products are handled and tested.

In today’s world, consumers want nutrition and health benefits in products they consume. Trying to meet these new market demands presents new challenges for manufacturers. Immulink MBG is a biotechnology innovator, utilizing ancient wisdom with decades of research and collaboration to deliver top notch solutions for the modern food and beverage industry.