Busy, Stressful lifestyles

While individuals are engaged in busy, stressful daily livings, comfort foods containing a large proportion of carbohydrates, saturated fat and traceable amount of fibers are usually embraced.  By chronically consuming processed food, it takes a toll on the body’s natural defense, stripping individuals of their natural energy and making them more susceptible to sickness.

As the industries trend steers away from quick remedies such as caffeine towards a healthier trend, Immulink MBG provides an alternative approach by helping manufacturers to integrate beneficial and nutritional value into consumable products to accommodate consumers who likes their foods “on the go”.

Snacks and confectionaries

  • Blends well with batter
  • Stable at high temperature baking condition

Natural energy beverages

  • Highly soluble to integrate
  • Compatible with existing emulsifier
  • Reduces the calories and added the benefits

Comfort foods

  • Improves food textures
  • Stable even at high temperature frying condition
  • Added nutritional value to fat-dense foods.


  • Improves food textures
  • Enhances the natural flavor
  • Retains the textures of vegetables