Daily hydration

Water is lost from the body in multiple forms. Therefore it is necessary to adequately rehydrate to replace lost fluids. For healthy hydration and to maintain regular physical activity as well as a functional immune system, current guidelines recommend a total intake of 2.0 L/ of water a day for healthy adult females and 2.5 L/ water a day for adult males. These reference include water, from drinking water, beverages, and from of foods.

In response to the demand for reduce sugar, non-carbonated, healthier beverages in the current market trend, using Immulink MBG as part of the formulation provides a preferable choice for consumers and a competitive edge for manufacturers.

Water based beverages

  • Accessible delivery vehicle for people on the go
  • Cost effective formula

Raw Juice smoothie

  • Blends well with existing fibers in juice
  • Stable after pasteurization
  • Additional nutritional value

Flavored beverages

  • Compatible with all flavoring systems
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Stable under acidic conditions

Sports hydration beverages

  • Provides additional nutritional support to athletes
  • Stable at boiling point
  • Compatible with existing sweetening and flavoring system