Healthy lifestyles

As consumers are engaging into healthy lifestyles, Immulink MBG delivers beta glucan extracted from G. lucidum in significantly higher concentration, for convenient and more beneficial nutrient availability for a healthier living.  Ongoing studies show this unique ingredient can provide benefits to individuals who seek to maintain and improve their quality of life.

Immulink MBG can be applied in daily consumables for health conscious consumers including:

Whole grain based foods

  • Improved mouth feel and bitterness masking
  • Blends well with batter
  • Stable at high temperature baking condition

Yogurt and probiotics

  • Easy to incorporate daily dosage
  • Stable during fermentation process
  • Minimize the off-taste

Cereals and oatmeal

  • Provides additional source of soluble dietary fiber
  • High solubility enhances consuming experience

Soy-based products

  • Soy-based ingredients blends well with Immulink
  • Cost effective to provide additional benefits