In numerous studies Immulink MBG has been shown to support immune health and has been effective in a variety of applications such as food, beverage or supplement. Daily consumption is required so Immulink MBG can optimize the innate immune response.  This beneficial effect is triggered by the activation of macrophage, that is part of our body’s frontline defense.

Immulink MBG can be used in many consumed foods and beverages when consumers are constantly under the weather:

Vegetable and Fruit Juices

  • Soluble, easy to integrate
  • Blends well with citrus taste
  • Stable when stored in acidic conditions


  • Stable in boiling temperature
  • Goes well with any natural flavoring
  • Perfect candidate to infuse the benefit of mushrooms in tea.


  • Blends well with any cooking process
  • Naturally enhance the flavor
  • Retain the firmness of the vegetables in soups.

Vitamin supplements

  • Integrate well with any formulation
  • Source of soluble dietary fiber
  • Easy to integrate daily dosage.