Frequent Asked Questions

Immulink MBG® , primarily comprised of D-glucose polymers, is naturally extracted from an edible mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum and used as an ingredient or an integral component in the manufacture of nutraceuticals, functional foods, and beverages including baked goods (cookies, crackers, pastries) and baking mixes, beverages and beverage bases, cereal and cereal products, dairy product analogs, milk and milk products, plant protein products, power bars, processed fruits and fruit juices, vegetable soups, and soft candy products.

Researched to be safe, Immulink holds an official GRAS designation from the FDA, giving functional food and beverage manufacturers the opportunities to meet consumer demand for safe and effective immune support products.

Immulink MBG is a distinguished, fully characterized carbohydrate polymer isolated and purified from the mycelium of the G. lucidum. It has been extensively reviewed by a panel of experts to ensure its safety as well as efficacy. A mushroom extract is neither characterized, nor has it been purified to be rid of the potential allergens and cytotoxic agents that can potentially cause hypersensitivity reactions among individuals.  Certainly it has not been reviewed by the experts or received any designation from the Food and Drug Administration.

Immulink MBG is an all-natural product that helps the body support immune health. Clinical studies have found Immulink’s immune priming capability provide year-round support by up-regulating or down-regulating primary immune response when needed.

Through a scientifically validated mechanism, Immulink MBG  balances the immune response by activating the macrophages, our body’s frontline of defense. In addition, the macrophages also “trigger” other components of the immune system including Granulocytes (Neutrophil, Eosinophils, and the Basophils), B-cells, T-cells, and Natural Killer (NK) cells to manage the other potential threats.

Depending on the generalized population of your products, the recommended daily dosage level ranged between 250 mg to 500 mg

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Immulink MBG is naturally water soluble, thanks to the Mother Nature.

Unlike the other manufactures who sourced their raw ingredients from the third party companies, all mushrooms used to extract Immulink MBG is domestically grown and cultured in our facility in the sunny California.

Yes. Immulink MBG offers the varieties of benefits from mushrooms without the harmful allergens and cytotoxic particles. In addition,    the high compatibility makes Immulink MBG an ideal candidate for integrating the benefit of mushrooms into products.