Modern Technology inspired by the Ancient Wisdom

Medicinal Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine.  In Asia, mushrooms are considered a specialty food to promote health and longevity. While the East continues to honor their long love of the mushroom, the West is only beginning to look at the mushroom in a new light and starting to investigate mushrooms for their medicinal properties. What the research has revealed so far is that the polysaccharide derived from the mushrooms known as beta glucan is thought to have a significant impact on priming the immune system.

The beta glucan is known as the biological response modifiers (BRM), which refers to the apparent ability of beta-glucans to up-regulate and down-regulate the response of biological systems.  Research indicates that the presence of beta glucan is linked to the production and activity of macrophage, NK-cells, T-cells and cytokines in the immune system. This is accomplished by a cascade of biological reactions triggered by the binding of the beta glucan molecules to the dectin1 and CD18 receptors presented on the front line immune cells.

The Best Source of Beta Glucan Made in the USA

Super Beta Glucan combines science and nature to bring high quality, research based natural ingredient to the global nutrition industry.  With decades of research and millions invested into developing a proprietary biotechnology, SBG’s flagship ingredient,  Immulink MBG, is capable of supporting and priming the body’s natural defense.  The primary component of Immulink MBG is the mushroom beta glucan, derived from Ganoderma lucidum, also known as the Reishi mushroom.  Studies have found Immulink MBG’s capability to provide year-round support by helping the body balance the immune response when needed.

Key to Quality Ingredients-Evidenced Based Research

We believe that to develop a good ingredient begins with evidence based research; therefore, At SBG, the key immune ingredient, mushroom beta glucan, is the result of a proprietary biotechnology including culturing, extraction and purification. Based on several patented processes, SBG’s technology produces unique beta glucan that provides beneficial nourishment, superior bioavailability and unparalleled value to our customers worldwide.