Mushroom Beta Glucan

Immulink MBG® (Mushroom Beta Glucan) is a carbohydrate polymer derived from the mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum, built from chains of D-glucose units linked by β-glycosydic linkages.  Research has demonstrated that this unique polymer effectively supports the immune system by activating the front line immune cells to support a healthy and robust immune response without over-stimulating it.

Beta glucan enhances the immune response by activating the macrophages, our body’s frontline of defense. These cells of our immune system are responsible of finding, identifying, and consuming foreign invaders in our body.  In addition, the macrophages also have the ability to “trigger” other components of the immune system including Granulocytes (Neutrophil, Eosinophils, and the Basophils), B- and T-cells, and Natural Killer (NK) cells to deal with the other potential threats.

The key biological response enhanced by the Beta Glucan, based on researches, are

  •  Phagocytic activity
  • Activation of the Front-line immune defense system
  • Priming cell-mediated and adaptive immune response

Beta Glucan from mushroom are similar to the ones from other sources, except that they are comprised of short β(1,6) branches coming off of a β(1,3) backbone, thereby lacking the extra β(1,3) branch extending from the β(1,6) branch point. These polymers have a diverse structural variability including molecular weight, linkage pattern, and degree of branching, triple helical conformation and water solubility. The immune priming function of beta glucan has been claimed to depend on the structural variability. In terms of immune priming capability, mushroom beta glucan have been claimed to be more versatile due to its (1 → 3)-β-glucan units with certain degree of branching.