Proprietary Technology

The Key for High Quality Beta Glucan


A customized mushroom production, followed by a proprietary extraction and purification processes are essential to preserve high quality beta glucans.  These procedures, drawn from decades of expertise and research eliminate extraneous byproducts derived from the mushroom’s natural growing process.

Our patented natural process is capable of preserving up to to 100% more beta glucan compared to the traditional method of extraction with hot water or other chemicals.

At SBG, we understand that the best quality beta glucan originates from the top quality mushrooms; therefore, instead of using mushrooms sourced from any domestic or foreign suppliers, SBG dedicates a special plant for customized mushroom productions to maintain the best quality mushrooms.

1. Customized Mushroom Production

Our proprietary manufacturing process monitors mushroom productions and harvested by certified technicians to ensure optimum maturity as well as minimum contamination.

2. Extraction

The unique process initiates by isolating the beta glucans from the fungi cell walls in different stages. This procedure maximizes the production of beta glucans and preserves the effective polysaccharide linkage.

3. Purification

This step is often omitted by most manufacturers, thus rendering the quality of the final product questionable. Because of the traceable components adhering to the glycosydic chains of the beta glucan, the purification process is required to “cleanse” the final product.  This process guarantees the purity of the Immulink MBG as well as to decrease the risk of hypersensitivity associated with the naturally occurring impurities.